Thomas Mann

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Thomas Mann

         Thomas Mann has been designing jewelry since high school and in the late 70's he invented a line he calls Techno-Romantic. It is his attempt to humanize technology. Parts of machines, electronic instruments, costume jewelry pieces, old postcards and photographs inspire his work. These recurring but ever-changing parts give his work a storytelling quality and theatrical appeal.

         Tom works with a variety of metals, not favoring any one particular. He thinks about metals much the way painters think about their palettes. Sterling Silver, stainless steel, nickel and aluminum are all silver colored, but each has a luster of its own. Brass, bronze and copper all have differing color and aging properties. Techno-Romantic is about the value of the imagery, the narrative behind the piece and the composition of elements, not about the value of the materials themselves. Thomas Mann currently resides in New Orleans where he has his jewelry studio and Gallery where he shows his and other artist' work.


Every piece is colored with a special oxidizing solution, then cleaned with a medium-fine piece of steel wool. The purpose is to encourage the piece to patina (produce an aged look). The finish on all metal surfaces are therefore in a raw state and will continue to patina, either darkening or smoothing  out depending on wear and environmental conditions. If you prefer to maintain the original finish, the best method of cleaning is to use a medium-fine piece of steel wool (from your local hardware store). Be sure and rub in one direction (up and down or side to side). Silver or brass polishing compounds are not recommended.

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