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This is an on going Sale Section, ever changing throughout the year.

PLEASE NOTE: On their respective pages, all items in the sale section are listed with their original price. Sale prices are  marked in RED.

New items and artists will be added periodically, so please check back. Please call us at 508 693 6537 if you are interested in a sale item, or e-mail me at  Sale items may not be put on lay-away, the sale is FINAL, thus they are not returnable. Scroll down to see example of which artists are on sale.

*******Please click on the link below each photo to get to the sale page of each artist listed*******

Keith Lewis Sale


Ayala Bar Sale


           Dana Kellin Sale   Miguel Ases Sale                

Amy Kahn Russell Sale  

Roost Sale

Thomas Mann Sale

Buju Tahitian Pearl Jewelry Sale


Donna Si Brazilian Silver Plated Sale Jewelry               Sioux Eagle Sale      


Michal Golan Sale             Nakamol Sale                           Julie Shaw Sale

Cinzia Sale Clutches

Be sure to check back frequently as new pieces go on sale periodically!           

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