Julie Shaw

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                              Julie Shaw     (photo by Glenn Hall)

     Julie Shaw has relocated to Paducah, Kentucky from the four corners of southwest Colorado. She has been designing and making exquisite jewelry for over 30 years for galleries and other fine stores. Her creations are worn by both the typical individual and the famous.  While Julie's jewelry is true art, it is very wearable and goes equally well with jeans or formal attire. Her designs are accented in 14K, 18K, and 22K gold on sterling silver, magically transformed by a patina that enhances the precious stones, agates and jaspers. Unique to Julie's style is a trademark technique she employs. With each piece that she wraps, she balls up the wire, slips on the pearl or gemstone, then holds the torch a 1/2 inch away to ball up the other end, creating a grapevine effect to the wrapped wire. Julie has traveled extensively to Turkey and Greece, which has influenced and inspired her creativity. As the lands of the Four Corners added to her inspiration, now inspiration will come from the Four Rivers area of Kentucky. Everything she makes comes from the spiritual influence of the land, sky and people she comes in contact with.