Echo of the Dreamer/Mars and Valentine

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(Style numbers that begin with "M" are from the Mars and Valentine line)

Echo of the Dreamer was started in 1993 by Margaret Thurman and her daughter Myoshin. Although Margaret has been making jewelry for over 30 years, she considers this incarnation as a very special one. According to Margaret, the two make quite a pair, physically and in most other ways they are very different, which gives them the variety that they are known for. Delicate and refined is Myoshin's forte, bold and dramatic is Margaret's. The middle crossover areas are an intriguing blend of the two.

       "Using natural materials we create sculptural art to wear-subtle colorations, textures and harmonious forms. We use gorgeous, exotic, and often very rare stones. One of my great joys is discovering new stones, sometimes the deposit is very small and there will be a limited number of useable stones. The piece we create using those rarities is truly a collectors dream."

       Margaret studied fine art with an eccentric Bulgarian artist, Nicholai Abracheff, and Myoshin was a musician and an actress. They take great joy in their craft, and hope you will enjoy it too.

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