Angie Olami Roman Glass Jewelry

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Angie Atkins

Angie Atkins is a 47 year-old, award winning, maverick jewelry designer and the sole owner of Angie Olami, Inc. She founded Angie Olami 21 years ago after earning a B.A. in English at Yale University, studying Russian literature at the University of St. Petersburg, working on an archaeological dig in Israel, trekking in Nepal, and living in southern Spain. A Chicago-born, globe-roaming, quatro-lingual traveler, Atkins has long sifted through the rubble and myths of lost civilizations to find the subterranean history of amulets. From her travels and research, she has designed sterling silver jewelry and 14k gold collections based on the ancient languages, symbols, and cultures of Israel, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Dante's medieval Florence. For holiday she spent time researching Byzantine, and Roman mosaics for her Mosaica Collection. Angie Olami's Jewelry is made primarily in Israel by a small group of handpicked master craftsmen. Many pieces are also made in her studio in Montclair, NJ.

The breathtaking shards of glass Angie Olami uses in her jewelry date from 100 BCE to 300 CE. They were unearthed in Israel by archaeologists sifting through the fallen pillars and once magnificent cities of the Roman Empire. Although glassmakers in Egypt and Mesopotamia had been melting sand and various sodium-rich materials together for several hundred years before the word Caesar was ever once uttered, it was during the Roman Empire that glass making was revolutionized by the invention of glass blowing.